How to Remove Eyebags

Whether they’re caused by fluid retention, allergies, lack of sleep, or simply aging,
eye bags can be unsightly hair removal malaysia. The good news is that there are lots of ways to reduce or
even get rid of them, from classic kitchen hacks and beauty products to more
invasive treatments like facial fillers and surgery.
One of the simplest and most effective natural treatment for eye bags is applying
something cold to the area, such as a chilled spoon or frozen cucumber slices. This
reduces inflammation and minimizes blood flow to the area, which shrinks tissues
and helps eliminate puffiness.

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Drinking plenty of water, cutting back on alcohol and caffeine, getting enough sleep,
and getting regular exercise can also reduce the appearance of under-eye bags.
Then there’s the low-tech option of using a caffeinated green tea bag (decaf works
as well) to reduce dark circles under the eyes and tighten skin, which in turn can
help reduce eye bags.
If under-eye bags are due to excess fat, a surgical procedure called blepharoplasty
can remove or redistribute this fat for a more youthful look. Another option is dermal
fillers, such as Juvederm(r), which can plump the area to lift sagging skin and
minimize the appearance of under-eye bags.
Acupuncture and massage can also help to relieve eye puffiness. But if you’re not
comfortable with needles, or your eye bags are not responding to any of these home
remedies, talk to your doctor about medical options.

9 Quick and Easy Ways to Get Rid of Under-Eye Bags - alive magazine
Some people have naturally deep hollows under their eyes, which can give the
appearance of eye bags, but they’re usually harmless and can be covered with
makeup. Having large pupils, which can cause light to reflect off the eyes in a way
that makes them appear more prominent, may also create the illusion of eye bags.
If eye bags are caused by allergies, a over-the-counter decongestant can reduce the
swelling and puffiness, especially when used regularly for a few days. If the problem
persists, talk to your doctor about allergy testing and treatment.
If you need to edit photos, a photo editing app with an eye bags removal feature can
make a huge difference. YouCam Makeup uses smart AI to detect the area around
the eyes and automatically reduces the intensity of eye bags, which you can then
adjust with a slider bar.

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